Kinesio tape practitioner in Lawrenceburg

The Benefits of Kinesio Taping

 Kinesio tape has a comprehensive array of therapeutic benefits. Because kinesio taping can usually be left on for several days or up to a week, these therapeutic benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day, significantly accelerating the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions. 

Muscle strength is assisted by kinesio tape via physical assistance and tactile feedback through the skin. This phenomenon assists both the active athlete to enhance their performance as well as the weekend athlete with low muscle tone. Kinesio tape also has tremendous benefit for those suffering from knee injuries, low back pain, sprained ankle/joints, shoulder pain, swelling reduction & injury management.

 When kinesio tape is applied it creates a small space between the muscle and dermis layers. That space takes the pressure off swelling or injured muscles, allowing smooth muscle movement and makes space for drainage and blood flow.